Wednesday, February 6, 2008

this guy got ran over by a train tonight

and it’s funny how an accident
brings strangers together
brings the lowest common denominator
out of us all
gathered around
on the side of the road
not looking at each another
talking about the tragedy
we waited
and then one of them told me
that the man was a drunk
and I thought about that....
when I walked away
there were no good-byes
or awkward exchanges
there was only me, in my car
wondering if the drunk was a coward
or if he was brave
and I have forgotten each of the strangers faces
as quickly as they
have forgotten mine
and I drive down the crowded highway
alone with the new
smoking a cigarette for him
driving for him
for the love that he lost
for the forgiveness squandered
and the mistakes repeated
I drive for him
knowing that he would do the same for me
in the end
there is honor
amongst thieves
and I find comfort in that
in the middle of it all
and the wind blows through the car
and the car cuts, through the wind
and the road is alive with the soul
of a man that I don’t know
I drive on it
onto a better place
far away from death
and indulgence
closer to something that I don’t understand
and I feel the road burning
alive with indecision and regret
some drunk got ran over by a train tonight-
I roll up the windows
and block out the wind.

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