Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

i'm running out of these chair pictures...

me in a chair

inside of the broderick tower
abandoned by neglect
or perhaps short sightedness
inside of a dance studio
an old chair
and all the best songs have played
and quietly escaped me...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

middle aged white suburban males who used to live in detroit trying to act tough by throwing up gang signs

metro detroit urban closet exploration

metro detroit urban abandoned chairs exploration mother fucker

home right now

at 2:15PM
not really satisfied with any of this
alone in this room
contemplating the sadness
and maybe the reasons why
wondering what it's all about
what it's all for
wishing that summer would come
and that the blue skies of may
might force the windows open
might force my heart open
every fiber of who i am
wants more then this
more then 2:16
needing perhaps that gentle breeze
that we take for granted to
come down through heaven
through the stars
the fog
the confusion
come down through the clouds of
what might be the darkest winter
in the history of civilization
home right now
wanting more
needing more
and trying so hard
to do something
about it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

can you imagine going back to

your drug and alcohol treatment center so that you can scrap the copper from it in order to buy more dope?
the circle of life?


i have gained 9 pounds

and now it's almost one year later
at the harbor light salvation army treatment center, again
one year ago, they STOE my camera bag
grounding me temporarily
with a messy insurance claim in the works
and a summer of ground breaking urban exploring ahead of us
a friend loaned me his camera
and we were off
the harbor light
9 pounds later......
and it was interesting, this year
to see the difference in myself
the building
and my photography
so much has changed
so much
has stayed the same
one year later, almost
and i am sitting here
typing more words
on a new blog
a new day
so many pictures taken
miles driven
300andsome days gone by
and i am still hungry for something
hungry for the next day
the next image
the next breath
or thought
or belief in something greater
perhaps better
one year later
sitting here
and i am grateful

Saturday, March 22, 2008

cabbage patch doll on ice

looking through all of these old pictures
makes me smile
makes me want to take more
i love my little insignificant blog
my life
my adventures with friends
i enjoy looking over the past....

from the metropolitan

Friday, March 21, 2008

arm chair

i remember this day so well
hardly any sleep
gary indiana
the palace theater
a few friends
exploring out of town
a road trip
i remember sitting on the side of the road
eating bologna sandwiches
all day, drinking red bull
trying to find courage, laughter, enlightenment,
trying to find good photos, and stories to take back home
driving down I-94, half asleep
and i remember this day so well
looking back on these photos brings a smile to my face
makes me happy that i'm alive
and i remember so well...
the july sun
the blue sky
the chance at another day
another breath
i remember
i remember...

i love lamp

no door knob

fine arts building

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a broken angel

inside of the eastern wig
meyer treasure chest building

from the roof of the wurlitzer

another old pic
this one of the detroit skyline

with the branch of a roof top tree in the way

3967 files in a folder

and i am starting over again
so few files now
a new blog
a new canvas
3000+ files and i have enjoyed looking them over today
deleted them all from my old blog last night
and text
and images
life spilled out here, on the internet
and i have found this image
me, popping out of the roof of the farwell building
and i remember that day very well
so much has changed
and so much has remained the same
starting over now
with an old picture
an old memory
and a new day...

old scans #1

an i.d. badge from the harbor light center

a book of matches from detroit's book cadillac hotel

an advertisement for the fort shelby hotel, and other albert pick hotels

gary indiana united methodist church

an overpass in gary indiana

Sunday, March 16, 2008

how can you have a blog about detroit

and not have a picture of a Brush Park house?

tiger stadium seat

a red book inside of the wurlitzer

northville regional psychiatric hospital

tiger stadium turnstiles

the cold blue of tiger stadium

i miss the old tiger stadium

a not too old picture from tiger stadium

an old black and white photo from cass tech high school

an old black and white photo from the american hotel