Sunday, March 23, 2008

i have gained 9 pounds

and now it's almost one year later
at the harbor light salvation army treatment center, again
one year ago, they STOE my camera bag
grounding me temporarily
with a messy insurance claim in the works
and a summer of ground breaking urban exploring ahead of us
a friend loaned me his camera
and we were off
the harbor light
9 pounds later......
and it was interesting, this year
to see the difference in myself
the building
and my photography
so much has changed
so much
has stayed the same
one year later, almost
and i am sitting here
typing more words
on a new blog
a new day
so many pictures taken
miles driven
300andsome days gone by
and i am still hungry for something
hungry for the next day
the next image
the next breath
or thought
or belief in something greater
perhaps better
one year later
sitting here
and i am grateful

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