Saturday, May 31, 2008

my external hard drive crashed

i really didn't lose any photos,
maybe 50 or 100 total
i have over 600 gigs saved on DVD's in a fire proof safe bolted to my closet floor behind jeans hanging on their hangers that David Bowie once wore.
so this is nothing when you compare it to the
jpg mishap of 2005, over 3000 photos were lost forever...
but the other day, i did lose text
page after page
of my madness realized on the screen
and i'm not sure how i feel about that, yet
this particular piece below- still has life, by accident
saved here, on blogger
so here it is,

I saw Jesus at Borders

on Thursday night
He was reading a book
about conspiracy theories
the author was attempting to prove
that Salieri actually killed Mozart
I studied Him
watched Him
only because I have read that book-
I imagined being able to talk intelligently
with Jesus
I was preparing my opening line
when a teenage girl walked up
talking on her cell phone
she was looking for a book
about adopting children from
a far away yet fashionable country
Jesus was annoyed by her
bothered by her unlimited nights and weekends
He placed the book back on the shelf
and He left
I was alone with her
and I felt sorry for her
she was neither pretty
nor interesting
and a lifetime of despondency
is likely waiting for her
in fact, she managed to run off
the Son of God
eliminating my opportunity
to find out how Mozart died
I ran outside
looking for Him
but there was only the street
and the cars passing
the wind blew through
my expectations
and I was lost
inside the loneliness
of myself.

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