Monday, June 30, 2008

the tigers are losing

and they just busted a big ass hole
in the side of old tiger stadium
enough with the old stadium pictures
for now anyway.....
here's a photo of an old ass piano
inside of the lee plaza hotel.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

i think i'm on to something here...

one more old pic from tiger stadium

old snapshots of tiger stadium

there is truth

on these pages
there is soul
and deliberation
trying so hard
to find my way through
and i put it down, here
an offering to the gods
to the heavens
to the higher power born
in times of desperation
or betrayal
there is life
things forgotten
left behind
and i find them out there
giving them a chance
and perhaps these pixels
are running through my veins
through my blood
so that i can have a chance
at life
i go out there
and bring it back
for me
for you
for them

old tiger stadium

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i am trying

to write a script
that will make this frame appear
around all of my images
i'm more of an aspiring photographer then i am
an aspiring web graphics designer
so i'm having a little difficulty making this
an easy automated process....

more old pictures of gary united methodist church

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

no fotos today

only locked doors
screaming alarms
and the frustration of this world
coming down on all of us
can you feel it
bearing down on you and yours
smell it
taste it
see it, in the dark corners
the dresser drawers
i can feel it in my veins
at night
my dreams
my stomach
my brow
i can feel it in my hands
my heart
and while there were no fotos today
there was opportunity
possibly an angel of god named linda
dancing for all of us
for all of our sins
and bone cancer can't stop her
not gout
not obama
not rolando russo and
his mighty sword
there were no fotos today
for you
or for me
or for them
and the weight of the world
and the weight of the pain
the love
the life
the years lost
or the time spent waiting
and here i am again
one more time
in this bed
any bed really
for that matter
and all we have
what we have
is this old picture
of an old chair
from the American Hotel
in the Cass Corridor
the underbelly of detroit
so fitting
so proud
so brave...

Friday, June 20, 2008

last year from gary indiana

old scans #12

if memory serves....
this used to be a sweet ass historical hotel
i'm pretty sure it's a parking lot now
if memory serves
that dude who owns the hockey team
said that he would NOT tear the madison lenox down, for
more space to park more cars....
i'm pretty sure some guys from the suburbs had their own money
to stop the demo and fund the rehab
but the city said hell no
i think that's how it went
while they were in the middle of tearing this fucker down
we navigated to the roof and i snapped this picture
too bad it's on film
too bad it sucks
too bad i can't find any more....

and you can see that famous mural on the side of the broderick tower that detroit thought was ok to let someone cover with that verizon wireless advertisement.
can you hear me now?

there's this abandoned ballpark over on michigan and trumbull

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the detroit skyline

sitting here

without any images to speak of
but there is this one
there are several reasons why i like it
but one reason that escaped me until now,
is the pack of newport 100's next to the TRS-80
or is that a Commodore 64?
i'm not sure
but i did grow up in the ghetto
and everyone in the hood smoked newports
so this picture makes me smile
on a tuesday
sitting here, again...

i have nothing tonight

only this image of the eddystone
taken from the wayne state university archives
i found it online
saved it to my old laptop
i thought it was gone from my possession
seeing as i threw my laptop across the bedroom
a couple of weeks ago
but ahhhhhhh
here it is
alive again on my new laptop
a thousand dollars later
and i need a cigarette
almost 6 months now

Sunday, June 15, 2008

fuck it

next time i'm at the train station
and it's hot as shit out
i'm goin' swimmin'

the train station doesn't offer much anymore

it's usually open for pictures however
much like the packard, when
all is not well in urban exploring land
go to either location....
anyway, if you have been to the train station more then once,
chances are that you've heard of CatFish
i have met him a couple of times before
he's always happy to tell the same stories to whomever will listen
i have never snapped his picture though
until today-
but something else was different
about this father's day
as i listened to CatFish talk about the last train to leave the station,
"The Freedom Train"
a tear almost came to my eye
but the moment quickly faded.
fuck that!
there's no crying in urban exploring
not for me
or for you,
so after we threw some firecrackers off of the balcony at the unsuspecting victims below, we got the fuck up outta there
and we left CatFish alone
just as we had found him
and tonight
i will sleep better
knowing that he is still out there
and well
protecting the truth
from people like you
and you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

went canoeing today

didn't rent a canoe
instead, we borrowed one from a friend
we jammed that fucker into our vehicle
and we drove north
not to a canoe livery
or a state park
we took it to the back streets
the underbelly
we canoed today, where
few have gone as of late
a forgotten stretch of river
not all too different
from one of Hemingways favorite fishing spots
he would write about them in his books
but he would never be truthful
always describing the location inaccurately
not wanting anyone else to easily find his private sanctuary....
we canoed today
argued a little about steering
crashed in to some downed trees
and got sun burned
i have no pictures to back up my story
but i do have this picture
of a spray painted face
and a big spray painted cock
trying to get in to it's mouth
so i suppose this is gonna have to work
for me
and for you.

whats a motherfucker supposed to do

when your ass hole itches, it itches
if you gotta write about it
go for it
i'm not gonna fault you
deface a building
fuck it
you do what you gotta do!

Friday, June 13, 2008

in bed

unwilling to get up
and use one of my new pictures
i have this one
from several weeks ago
fairly new, i guess
highland park municipality
except for maybe a crack whore
or a desperate junky
or a white boy with a camera in the hood
taking pictures of chairs....
is it okay to cheer for boston, as
long as we're not talking about the redsox?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

back to black and white

back to the packard today
i had to search high and low
all up in that motherfucker
for any chair
far and away
and then finally a small graveyard of chairs
this one
i rescued
and then photographed
for me
and, for you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

winter is all but forgotten

by most
but somehow it still lingers
in my bones
or perhaps in the corners of the room
where the dust tends to get thick
with my complacency
i can still feel the chill of january
as it stings through me
through my skin
my chest
my heart is so vacant
at times
hurting now
but not like this past winter
the days so short
and the dreams that were waiting
i think they
were trying to kill me
lying there
in bed
under the covers of intolerable cruelty
and regret
hiding in the indifference
of smarter men
with greater dreams
and i think i still feel the chill run through me
or maybe that's just the air conditioning
it might be set at 68
or something like that
i think...

2 more forgotten chairs

Monday, June 9, 2008

2 more from the lee plaza

my power is back on

and i have some images in my inbox
from a friend
the lee plaza
images of me, no less
a camera in my hand....ahhh

still no power today

sitting in a coffee shop in birmingham
on a couch
drinking overpriced coffee
and it smells like rich people in here
somewhere in the not so far distance
there is a foreign man
giving someone technical support
over his cell phone
lap top opened in front of him
he is as hard to understand on this end
as i'm sure he is on the other end
sitting here
not really liking him
not really liking myself, i guess
for that matter
on a couch
and today, the lee plaza is alive
with these 2 photos
burning through the pixels on my screen
your screen
and the building speaks
one more time
from the edge of death
or insanity
or perhaps something better
the halls
of this concrete giant, rejoice
and i can hear them singing
over the butchered words coming from the cyber cafe
over in the corner
and now i must go
off to somewhere that sells batteries
but not the kind with harmful toxins
my wife's a vegetarian
so that pretty much make me a vegetarian
so i can't very well go using mercury
or something like that,
now can i?