Sunday, June 22, 2008

no fotos today

only locked doors
screaming alarms
and the frustration of this world
coming down on all of us
can you feel it
bearing down on you and yours
smell it
taste it
see it, in the dark corners
the dresser drawers
i can feel it in my veins
at night
my dreams
my stomach
my brow
i can feel it in my hands
my heart
and while there were no fotos today
there was opportunity
possibly an angel of god named linda
dancing for all of us
for all of our sins
and bone cancer can't stop her
not gout
not obama
not rolando russo and
his mighty sword
there were no fotos today
for you
or for me
or for them
and the weight of the world
and the weight of the pain
the love
the life
the years lost
or the time spent waiting
and here i am again
one more time
in this bed
any bed really
for that matter
and all we have
what we have
is this old picture
of an old chair
from the American Hotel
in the Cass Corridor
the underbelly of detroit
so fitting
so proud
so brave...

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