Friday, June 20, 2008

old scans #12

if memory serves....
this used to be a sweet ass historical hotel
i'm pretty sure it's a parking lot now
if memory serves
that dude who owns the hockey team
said that he would NOT tear the madison lenox down, for
more space to park more cars....
i'm pretty sure some guys from the suburbs had their own money
to stop the demo and fund the rehab
but the city said hell no
i think that's how it went
while they were in the middle of tearing this fucker down
we navigated to the roof and i snapped this picture
too bad it's on film
too bad it sucks
too bad i can't find any more....

and you can see that famous mural on the side of the broderick tower that detroit thought was ok to let someone cover with that verizon wireless advertisement.
can you hear me now?

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