Monday, June 9, 2008

still no power today

sitting in a coffee shop in birmingham
on a couch
drinking overpriced coffee
and it smells like rich people in here
somewhere in the not so far distance
there is a foreign man
giving someone technical support
over his cell phone
lap top opened in front of him
he is as hard to understand on this end
as i'm sure he is on the other end
sitting here
not really liking him
not really liking myself, i guess
for that matter
on a couch
and today, the lee plaza is alive
with these 2 photos
burning through the pixels on my screen
your screen
and the building speaks
one more time
from the edge of death
or insanity
or perhaps something better
the halls
of this concrete giant, rejoice
and i can hear them singing
over the butchered words coming from the cyber cafe
over in the corner
and now i must go
off to somewhere that sells batteries
but not the kind with harmful toxins
my wife's a vegetarian
so that pretty much make me a vegetarian
so i can't very well go using mercury
or something like that,
now can i?

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