Sunday, June 15, 2008

the train station doesn't offer much anymore

it's usually open for pictures however
much like the packard, when
all is not well in urban exploring land
go to either location....
anyway, if you have been to the train station more then once,
chances are that you've heard of CatFish
i have met him a couple of times before
he's always happy to tell the same stories to whomever will listen
i have never snapped his picture though
until today-
but something else was different
about this father's day
as i listened to CatFish talk about the last train to leave the station,
"The Freedom Train"
a tear almost came to my eye
but the moment quickly faded.
fuck that!
there's no crying in urban exploring
not for me
or for you,
so after we threw some firecrackers off of the balcony at the unsuspecting victims below, we got the fuck up outta there
and we left CatFish alone
just as we had found him
and tonight
i will sleep better
knowing that he is still out there
and well
protecting the truth
from people like you
and you.

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