Saturday, June 14, 2008

went canoeing today

didn't rent a canoe
instead, we borrowed one from a friend
we jammed that fucker into our vehicle
and we drove north
not to a canoe livery
or a state park
we took it to the back streets
the underbelly
we canoed today, where
few have gone as of late
a forgotten stretch of river
not all too different
from one of Hemingways favorite fishing spots
he would write about them in his books
but he would never be truthful
always describing the location inaccurately
not wanting anyone else to easily find his private sanctuary....
we canoed today
argued a little about steering
crashed in to some downed trees
and got sun burned
i have no pictures to back up my story
but i do have this picture
of a spray painted face
and a big spray painted cock
trying to get in to it's mouth
so i suppose this is gonna have to work
for me
and for you.

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