Sunday, October 26, 2008

haven't been posting much here lately,

but there is still hope for me
and the blogger gods
for winter is coming
and it's firm long embrace
like a blanket
blocking me
from the sunlight of the spirit
there is hope for my post count in december
2° below zero.....
but today
it was 50something
and off we went
to a building full of poo
every corner
every room
every floor
poo poo
my god
the house of poo
and i hear that there's some good fishing on lake michigan, WTF man
we lost a lot of good men out there
in the trenches
the battlefields
poo, i say
and november is right around the corner
and the trout are swimming up stream
and there are love seats being thrown from vacant buildings
on to the streets below
look out my friend
for falling furniture
look out for love
for scorn women
internet bad asses
and poo poo on the foot of your tripod, jesus joey
there's 25 pound salmon in that river
and the best that we can do is pay some crackhead $5
to be our ghetto tour guide
"and in this room we have poo"
"and in this room we have more poo"
"and this poo here, is so old, it has growth rings. you can see by this marking here-that this man last ate a healthy meal during the Reagan administration"
stark skies
and darkness
5 o'clock and the sun is setting on someones dreams
and look out
there's a chaise lounge falling from the fucking sky.....

and a setting sun
and fish that bite
and 2 apple pies for a dollar
and i forgot my fishing pole

Sunday, October 19, 2008

driving down I-94

gripping the wheel
his knuckles burned white
with desire
trying to make it to indiana
gary indiana
the now abandoned screw factory
and bolts
and rusty nuts
and it was there
in the autumn sun
that the man rape occurred
but there was too much willingness
too much intrigue
what's happened there
anywhere really
this god damned economy
the price of fuel
the cost of love
and life
and debt
it's turning growed ass men- gay
gary indiana
gary screw and bolt

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

unable to sleep-

i can't help but think of where i've been
what i've seen
what stands out most
are the mistakes that i never learned from
needing pain as a motivator, unfortunately
going through life right now
health and wellness
and doctors
and medicines
and i'm unable to really write about it
too much
too real
and there really are no words for this
i guess i'm waiting
for the nagging feeling of everyday fodder
to return to me
to rescue me
who would have thought
not me

Sunday, October 12, 2008

because there's so much scrapping in detroit,

the list of abandoned buildings that one can go inside
and take photographs of, is dwindling
so we found ourselves at Albert's house.
he really knew how to design a building
all of the things that we have added over the years
are failing
but the original still holds....
not too many other locations to go through,
gonna have to go out of town again this weekend.
too much scrapping in detroit
too much pain
and misery
and you can see it on peoples faces
in their eyes
you can see it as they gather behind fences
at car auctions
thrown together on the corner of 7 mile and something
it reminded me of a bread line
the depression
not enough abandoned buildings to photograph
too much time on my hands, lately....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

back from our road trip...

and i really don't have much to say-
had a good time-
got some good pics-
realized that i have to start making photographs, not taking photographs-
laughed my ass off-
rode in a car for 14 hours-
and now i am home-
safe from myself, i think
going to bake spaghetti with my wife
watch 3 baseball games-
and try to not make any mistakes today
maybe even tomorrow...