Wednesday, December 31, 2008


these images are in no particular order
they are part of a year
in so many ways,
one of the most difficult years of my life
and equally as wonderful too
i won't get in to the boring details
instead, here are some images that either- are
some of my favorites from the past year
or they represent turning points in my photography
2008 was a great year for me- photographically speaking
so many adventures
so many stories
all the miles
the friends
the moments frozen in time,

me playing the piano at the lee plaza in detroit

mike and myself at michael reese hospital in chicago

a portrait of a man with a tracheotomy tube

the skyline of detroit

mike, ryan, and myself inside of the wurlitzer

another shot of downtown detroit

me vacuuming at the lee plaza

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i stood in line today

for a honey baked ham
and as i watched the other consumers
impatiently wait and
stumble through awkward pleasantries
i thought about my responsibilities
as the man of the house
to bring home the bacon
put food on the table
to protect and feed
either with rod
or sword
or bow
and arrow
or fishing pole or spear
whatever it takes
even if it's standing in the rain
wearing a waterproof
synthetic fiber rain coat, drinking a $3 coffee
waiting like the rest of them
thinking about life
and love
and the world
and hatred
my problems
your problems
trying so hard to be grateful for what i have been given
thank you god
waiting for my honey baked ham
standing next to some douche bag on his cell phone
bitch about what a pain in the ass this holiday is for him
deciding not to beat him over the fucking head with my car keys
instead, i would like to go home
and be with my family
and the world is always out there
ready to devour me
if i let up for too long
and later, licking the glaze from my fingers
i will say a prayer for the cell phone man
for the uneaten hams
and the undelivered presents
for the unbaked cookies that santa will never receive
for all of the misspelled letters that he will never read
asking for more
asking for a chance at happiness
or health
or whatever......
tonight i will saunter my ass
in to the kitchen
drunk on self righteousness and condiments
i will bask in the glow of my refrigerator door being opened
for too long really
starring in to the leftovers, trying to find some kind of meaning that isn't there
and i will take one more bite from the ham that i fought for today,
albeit a silent battle
but a war that i won,
no less.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

when i turned 16

my mother gave me the keys
to her 1977 sky blue nova
and told me to drive my grandmother
to her chemo appointment in lincoln park,
i said ok...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

in about another 6 months or so

mark and myself
are gonna have to publish a book of
my angst and fodder,
and his wisdom and advice????

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


when you're eating pistachios
you get one, when
on close examination appears
like it might be a challenge to
crack open
when confronted with said pistachio
you're more then likely better off
casting that one aside
and grabbing another
occasionally the near impossible to crack nut
has a chink in it's armor
and it opens so much easier then first expected.....
those are always the best
my life has been like the ones that won't open
not sure what the fuck i'm really talking about
not sure what these pictures have to do with nuts
but this is what i have
and this is where i'm at
lying in bed
covered in pistachio crumbs
typing words in to this device
one more time
what the fuck

Sunday, December 14, 2008

another abandoned grade school

never really cared for school
always felt alone
even when surrounded by friends
always on the outside
of life
alone in my heart
or my head
and high school was the worst
never picked on
or cast out
it's just that by the time high school arrived, it
became increasingly clear to me that i was on my own
i had a nasty drug habit
and a new born baby girl
so i did what any mixed up
drug addicted
misguided youth might do
i bought a trans am
and went to work
with the other grown men
fuck school.....
never really cared for school
years later,
never really cared for work
another abandoned grade school
another sunday
with a camera in my hand
thank god
thank the heavens
thank the mercy that i have been granted
i have lived on
and on
where others have failed
and been forgotten.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

not really clear what it all means

having eaten 2 over sized pieces of fried chicken
and i am not too sure
if i am pleased with myself
but here is a photo from the eastern market district
it has nothing to do with chicken
i don't think
but it's all i have
and i am full

Sunday, December 7, 2008

turned on the lion's game today

and there was no game
for me
or for you
instead, there was an infomercial
discussing colon cleansing
and i have seen that one before
the lions lost
and i have seen that one before too
12 other times this year
in fact
and while i don't have any images of the lions
or ford field
i do have this one
of a vacant house
and it seems as though ford
can't build a car that the american people want to drive
and he can't put together a mediocre football team either
i have no difficulty cleaning my colon
thankful to the gods
i have watched houston go in to green bay's house
defeating them
having eaten more food and snacks then one man should be able to consume
i have napped, cleansed my colon
ready to do it all over again
as dallas,
heads in to pittsburgh
i am grateful for all that i have been given...

Monday, December 1, 2008

went to school yesterday

it's been awhile
and so much has changed
so many pages turned
words spoken,
some of them heard
laughed at
so many shoe laces broken
covers stolen
and i have punched this keyboard so many times
that finally,
words- are starting to escape me
i am trying so hard now
just to make it through
the quiet times
trying to speak with my camera, i guess
went to school yesterday
and there's still, so much
to learn.