Monday, April 27, 2009

in an effort to pad my post count

i like doing one picture at a time
and scheduling them weeks in advance,
this way
i can spend 30 minutes making posts
and a couple of weeks
reading over my words
falling in love with myself
all over again
2-3 weeks at a time
of course...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

ahhh yes,

sunday afternoon
open the windows
the doors
spring cleaning
there's a nice breeze coming through....
helping, to carry away
winter's lasting embrace
pine sol
and afternoon baseball
and you see, we
have this box
in the corner of my office
our office
but it's really more- her box
a box of stuff
old books and knick knacks
i presume
i've never opened
or looked inside
it sits there
occupying space
perhaps time
old photos?
christmas cards?
2 years now
sitting there
and it has become the thing
that we don't talk about
the white elephant in the room
that drunk uncle
or the gay cousin
it's like the exercise bike
with clothes hanging
from it's handle bars
the old box
sitting there
i think it might be an egg box
from the grocery store
and now it has some files on top of it
some folders
an old sweater that needs to be hemmed
my old camera bag
a roll of film
a broken sling shot
and a bag of dirt from the mound of tiger stadium
my dog sniffs the box
barks at it
he wonders if it has come peacefully
2 years now
her box
our office
ahh yess,
sunday afternoon
and i am thankful to the god's of april
that i am alive
and well
and breathing
spring cleaning
sharing this room
with an elephant
none the less...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

and so i have begun the process

of moving files
backing up old files
new files
moving files from dvd's
and god forbid, cd's
there must be 2 TB's of data here
i am overwhelmed.....
i did find this photo though:

2005 i believe
the train station
you can kind of tell because the flag pole is still on the roof,
instead of down below, in the light court
so i guess they're going to try and tear it down?
i'm not sure how i feel about that
i guess i'll leave that to someone else...
the building huggers, i presume
back to my storage drives...

i don't live in detroit anymore

but i'm always there....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

lying here

without wires
or cables
watching the television man try
and sell me a vacuum that will revolutionize my life
for the revolution
and for the mail man
to bring me my new vacuum
my juicer
my sham wow
blogging without wires
changing channels
watching the King and I
without wires
without restrictions
knowing that life has been so much more difficult then
it had to be
learning through pain
and failure
but learning nonetheless
waiting for the revolution
for the bag less
ionic breeze
to carry me away
no wires
or cables
just 736 channels
of reality TV
lying here
knowing that it will probably
be awhile
and trying to make peace
with all of it...

i twittered

for the first time
and i sat there
alone and waiting
and the rest of the world
around me
and i waited
no one responded to my tweet
and i was alone with that
for 3 minutes-
so i deleted my account...

for now

we'll move away from the power plant.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

kronk gym

detroit's history
a crown jewel
something to be remembered
never forgotten or squandered
Emanuel Steward,
Tommy "Hitman" Hearns,
Leon Spinks,
Mustafa Muhammad...

"In September 2007, thieves broke into the gym and stole the copper plumbing pipes, cutting off the water supply and adding an additional amount to an already long list of repairs needed to keep the gym operating. In November 2007, the city had no choice but to shut down the Kronk Gym and recreation center."

...and so we found ourselves standing in the flooded basement of detroit's past
water gushing from the broken main,
the building vandalized,
the ring had become an island, the scattered remains of photographs,
boxing gloves,
and newspaper clippings- floated around us
they circled the ring
like a fighter,
the last warriors to dance around such a legendary place...
albeit without the lights
or the flash bulbs popping
no music playing
or a crowd gathered
only the smell of history
and sweat
and chlorine,
only blood
and broken water mains
broken dreams
water soaked boxing gloves
and pictures of proud men
holding their fists up high
newspaper clippings
circling in the water
around the ring
detroit's past
detroit's future?
and i left there
that someone
was wrong
and there was nothing that i could do about it
and neither could you...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

today is my brother's birthday

we haven't spoke in awhile
his choice
not mine
nothing really happened
at least
that i'm aware of wherever you are tonight
big brother
happy birthday
and good night...