Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what if i had no paper

only my hands
and something to scrape with
what parts of my body would i try to get my message across
would i have enough canvas
enough determination-

words cut deep
like years of pain
and torment
what if i had no paper
only my hands
and a knife
and some gauze?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i remember

i said to my buddy, "hey, you wanna get in the old train station?"
he said,"you bet!"
so that sunday we hopped the fence and explored the inside...
this was quite a few years back, before
you could drive a fuckin truck through the building
we took some photographs
and had a pretty good time
later, when i had my film developed
the pictures were a huge disappointment....
little did i know that a pattern was born
if for no other reason then this;
the old train station in detroit
helped me decide to try and become a photographer
and like anything in life that you want to be good at
you have to keep trying
exploring options
reviewing mistakes
repeating mistakes until you learn to make new ones....
that's my train station story,
what's yours?

Monday, May 11, 2009

i sit in school

on tuesday
and thursday nights
watching them
listening to them
knowing that i am not like them
not better
or greater
or smarter
just different
i have know different tragedies
harder ones
the kind inflicted by self
they are the worst kind
because they could have been avoided
i have been beaten by self will
and ignorance
mixed in with pride
and short sightedness
i sit there
alone, in a room full of strangers...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i sat down on a park bench today

laid down
in the sun
and it was one of those new kind of benches
synthetic materials
i thought about my life
and how close i have come
no splinters
or warping
or twisting
and stable building materials
i decided right then
that if i were to become homeless
i would find myself a proper bench-
real lumber
i'm a wood man myself
how 'bout you?

this photo has no real meaning to this post
i'm in it
there's some wood
and that's about it
i just grabbed it
from my hard drive
here it is....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more detroit projects

walking through here with my friend
we were approached by two men
who wanted to talk
we informed them
that we did not wish to speak with them-
an exchange occurred
they didn't care for our wanting privacy
we didn't care for their lack of respect-
another exchange occurred
when i instructed the two men
that i was going to hit them over the head
with my $500 tripod
things began to change rapidly
one of them believed me
the other did not.....