Sunday, August 30, 2009

blue diamonds

visited this coal breaker twice now
maybe it's the long drive
or the way it sits, perched
on the side of the highway
i'm not sure what it is
but this place really grabs me
it's not the most photogenic of
the abandoned coal breakers
or filled with the most stuff
in fact, it's pretty empty
and vandalized
but i could go back here again.....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

historic fort wayne, detroit

limping along like the rest of us
i suppose?
used to go here as a boy
and i guess i'm neither surprised
nor saddened
by the current state of things
it is what it is
makes for some good photos,
i guess...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

god is love

god is light
god is hurt
god is wanting
god is pain
and reason
god is without reason
god is powerful
god is distant
god is dark
this blog
your blog
my hate
your hate
our hope
god is your sister's alcohol problem
my cousin michael's cocaine addiction
god is anorexia
the whore on 2nd and alexandrine
taking it in the ass for money
crying from the pain
from circumstance
from knowing better-
god is the scrapper inside of cass tech
tearing the copper from the walls
he is night
and day
and sleep
he is the end to molestation
god is the girl hiding in her closet with a coat hanger
and a bloody fetus
god is my mother being beaten by her father
in the kitchen, every night for 13 years
god is my grandmother riddled with cancer
awake at night- with the pain
god is a pack of kools
and an 8 ball
god is at greektown casino
being tossed
god is the mortgage that won't get paid
the school clothes that won't get bought
he's at manresa
sacred heart
he's in line at a soup kitchen
with lice
and a bad liver
god is the writing on shit house walls
god is the 14 year old girl
sucking dick in the bathroom of a truck stop
trying to run away from her demons
and her step father
god is crying
god is laughing
he is today
he is christmas
and the 4th of july-
fuck, i don't know
what do i know
i have prayed to god in times of emergency
i have a god of convenience
an on call god
what do i know?
god is love
god is hate
god is love...
and i am half dead
wandering- thru life
looking for more,
and cursing the name of anyone
who will listen...

questioning too many things to list here,

on this blog
so instead i have borrowed this picture
from the internet
a young boy, drinking
and smoking too
been awhile for me now
no smoking
or drinking
or shooting
or ingesting
just stealing photos from the internet
that's gonna have to work
for now...

Monday, August 10, 2009

went to chicago,

as if there weren't enough abandoned buildings in detroit...
pictures of chicago,
i suppose?
an abandoned church
left behind
perhaps forgotten,
by most anyway
brought back to life temporarily
by the few who manage to get inside....
it probably served a better purpose before
but this will have to do
for all of us
for me
and for you...