Tuesday, September 22, 2009

been neglecting my blog lately...

posting more on flickr
it's all about the camera right now
don't really have any words
there is plenty of pain however
restless nights
and time spent waiting...
trying to say it with my camera right now
the keyboard not really responding
not the notebook
not napkins
or papers
or shit house walls
just the camera
and i guess that will have to be enough
for all of us
even you...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


on a thursday at 1:53 PM
done for the weekend
a holiday weekend
partly by design
in part designed by the economy
but fuck it!
work is for losers man,
i'm home with my dog
and a camera phone
and an internet connection
and it's a looooooong weekend
there's shit to do
work is for suckers
trapped by the system
by time clocks
and some guy in his thursday tie
and his thursday pants
looking down on you
judging you
i'm home free baby
self employed
self empowered
self destruct....
1:53 i say
listening to 80's gangsta rap
my hand on my dick
and my mind on my money!!!!!
so fuck this
i'm signing out, heading
to the D
to check on some stuff
photo opportunities i say,
good night
and god bless....

From my iPhone...