Wednesday, November 25, 2009

they were advertising black friday

on monday
what color is monday
today is wednesday
and it seems kind of gray
is thanksgiving
and that's a deifferent story
and a second helping
possibly thirds
and the lions
black friday
tomorrow i will be drunk on self righteousness
and olive juice
maybe a cheeseball
and mashed potatoes
black friday

but on thursday
i will nap
maybe twice
and i will dream of all the things
that i will not buy
that i will not go to
i can only hope that next year
they begin to advertise black friday
a week and a half early
60% off
we pay the sales tax
no interest until you die
we'll help you load it in to your car
and if you come to our store at 4:30 AM
and stand in line
we'll suck your dick
and your balls
please buy our merchandise
we offer cock sucking
and ball licking
and if you go on to our website
we'll stick a finger in your ass too....
brown friday
pink saturday

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