Saturday, December 5, 2009

i stabbed a guy about 19 years ago,

through the door of his ford pick up truck
it was one of those combo hunting knives
that you get from Gibraltar Trade Center
you know the kind
with the compass on the end,
that unscrews
and there's matches inside
maybe a file
or tooth pick
you get the idea
well, the blade on the Rambo knife was about 10 inches long
i jumped out of the truck
and i started stabbing his door
in an underhand type of motion
plunge after thrust after plunge
and finally....
"ouch! i'm hit!!!"
and he got the fuck out of there
i'll never forget the look on his face
i wasn't trying to stab him;
he was chasing me
through a Handy Dandy parking lot
and i got scared
so i jumped out
with the knife
you've already heard what happened,
fast forward-------
i ended up in a boot camp
90 days
only 8 of us made it the entire 90 days
the rest, off to serve their sentence
mine would have been pretty serious
they don't really like it
when you stab a motherfucker
through his car door
in a parking lot,
now do they?

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