Sunday, December 6, 2009

the idea was born

and discussed
but it was put on hold
like most good ideas, it died
there were bigger fish to fry
new places
state lines
so we took to the air
the open road…
months later
the idea found new life
continued life
the end result was glamorized
dreamt about
talked about
the idea was gaining momentum
some phone calls were in order
some moves were made
some goods borrowed
some items-
just had to be purchased
and we were well on our way to
making a photograph….

the morning arrived
and the anticipation levels were high
fears were felt
hopes were accounted for
hard work
hard labor
a little bit of cash
and some quad espressos
and we were off
6 am
7 am
armfuls of gear
garbage bags
tote bags
camera bags
the darkness of the december morning
suddenly came alive
7 flights of stairs
and the air was thick
the load was heavy
the reward was greater
so on we went….
4 hours later
the stage was set
the lighting just right
a christmas tree
a television
and an old worn out lamp-
the idea had come to fruition
to life
the lights were on!
christmas was alive inside of an abandoned building
an abandoned apartment
alive and well and breathing
the glow was magnificent
but soft
and the colored lights of our charlie brown christmas tree
were beautiful…

several hours later and i am home
very pleased with myself
and i know now
that from this moment
until the day that i die
i will never forget the feeling that
filled my heart, when
those lights turned on
that tv
turned on
the moment when we brought christmas back
and my only regret
is that there wasn’t enough room
inside of that tiny abandoned apartment
for the rest of the world
to watch
and enjoy
and feel the light wash over their souls
their hearts….

perhaps it was better this way
just the two of us
and tonight
I will sleep well
comforted by doing
comforted by being

is alive
and well
in detroit…

big thanks to john...

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