Wednesday, December 29, 2010

another important photo

this one, from my all time favorite location
(it's not in detroit)
this is from our first time shooting here
good times
with good friends!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

today's photo has nothing to do with christmas

just happens to be christmas
and i just happen to be trying
to reach 100 posts for 2010...
this shot is nevertheless important to me
a huge crew shot, inside
of a new york mental hospital
this photograph will forever remind me
of arguably, the best exploring year of my life
to date anyway...

Friday, December 24, 2010

another important photograph

this one is important because
we were able to go back, and get another attempt at this
detroit's history
is...well, history.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

this photo was shot in 2008

but i had to go back
in 2010, and re-shoot part of the ceiling detail
i combined the 2008 shot, and the 2010 shot
into today's important photo of the year (see below)
this particular abandoned scene encompasses what abandoned photography is for me
i had a love affair with this location for many years, and
this photo is one of my all time favorites...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

so here's 2 pictures, of the same thing...

these are important because,
A: they're pretty good
2: these pictures prove that my/our spirit is still alive and hungry for more! why do these 2 shots say that? because we woke up before the sun came up, drove for hours and hours and hours, slept in the car at a dunkin' donuts parking lot, and rocked this shit out! as well as another hospital, and then we drove home!
this makes me feel alive!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

today's installment of important photos

brings us all the way back to detroit
pictures of detroit
this shot is from a location that was both challenging
to get in to
as well as exciting...
this adventure proved, that
we still got it
whatever it is
not a lot of exciting stuff from detroit this year,
but this one sure is/was worth the effort!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

another important photo for me

from 2010
this hospital was mentioned in an earlier post
this particular photo
is from the criminally insane ward
of a 100 year old asylum
in the northeast...
three attempts at gaining access to this building, that's
what it took, to get this shot
three attempts
our first attempt, foiled by what we believe was a televison crew
our 2nd attempt, shut out by a searchlight, and a suspected law enforcement official
the third time was a success
the rest of the story is lame, blah
you get the idea
anyway, this shot is pretty important to me
both as an explorer
and as a photographer
2010 bitches...

Friday, December 17, 2010

here's another photo

this photo was shot in late october of 2009
but i didn't get my hands on the files until later in 2010
so, that makes this another important photo from this year...
why did i not get the files until later in 2010?
don't worry about that my friends...
that's neither here- nor there
what is important, is that this photo was taken
inside of an abandoned kirkbride hospital, and
it happens to be a photo of one of the violent wards...
which makes it pretty cool, to me anyway.

this particular shot happens to be one of my favorites,
and while i don't ever see it hanging on my living room wall
i could see it appearing one day, inside
of photography book...
who knows?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 has been my best year

photographically speaking-
i have learned
i'm going to try and end the year on my blog
with some of my favorite shots from 2010
i might even attempt to tell a few stories?...

today's photo is/was a very important shot for me
john and i have traveled to the northeast several times this past year
mostly in search of hospitals,
more importantly
old mental hospitals
this particular hospital was so old in-fact, that
it had wooden floors but more importantly-
wooden wheelchairs
that's what we were after
wooden fuckin' wheelchairs
we passed on this location once,
in an attempt to hit another spot that we had been boned up about,
i'll have a story or two from that location also-

we met up with some friends for a predawn mission to find the elusive
as you can see (see below), we found one
that's pretty much where the story ends.
i could tell you about the security guard's car
or the poop on my tripod
or the dog food, but
this is supposed to be a photoblog
originally, a detroit photoblog...
it has since changed gears and turned in to an east coast photo blog

detroit was once the capital of abandoned buildings,
in regards to their splendor, that is.
but NO MORE i say!
detroit is beat!
spray painted
every fuckin' asshole with a flickr account and a camera, who happens to live near detroit, thinks that they are an urban explorer....urban exploring definitely is not driving within walking distance of an abandoned building, parking, going in through the front door, or an open window, or an 18 ft hole in the wall,
no! what these assholes are doing is going inside of abandoned buildings with cameras- like a bunch of....well, assholes!
i'm talking about thrill seeking!
risk taking!
working for it!
i'm talking about using maps, and GPS, and walking in the dark for 2 miles, climbing fences, climbing hills, hiding from the police, security guards, that's how i imagine it to you know why? cuz that's how it is! yeah!
pardon my brevity while i fluff my huge cock and balls...
well, fuck!
this is why i don't tell stories...i just end up angry and talking shit...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i think about wearing some of those small earphone/headphones,
because i see so many other people wearing them
and i'd like to think that they're listening to music;
music that makes them happy
but i don't own a pair

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i have signed in to my blog

and the page is staring back at me
i have nothing
feel, little
it has been dark for several hours now
if i were you
i wouldn't expect too much from me
from this blog

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my wife wakes up

about half an hour before i do
after she lets our dogs outside
they'll come running back upstairs
and jump in bed
with me
it makes it extremely difficult
to get up-
to go out
because i know what's out there waiting for me
i know how i feel when i participate in life

2 dogs sleeping
each of them 10 degrees warmer then me
pressed up against my legs
or my back:
there are times when my 2 dogs
sleeping in bed with me
are all i need
most days
it wouldn't take much for me to slam my vehicle right in to you
in to oncoming traffic
in to a mighty oak
a dumpster
i'll drive that motherfucker right in to a subway
eat fresh you cocksuckers!
2 dogs
10 degrees x 2
this morning was one of those mornings
this day, turned out alright
we'll see how tomorrow goes

Saturday, November 20, 2010

if you became homeless today

any/all of your social networking sites would continue on
you get the idea
i check my flickr
and my email
from my phone, quite regularly
i can't help but think that one day, some
homeless guy
will stop me
and ask if he can use my iphone to check his facebook
it could happen...

Friday, November 19, 2010

you can see all of your past mistakes if you look hard enough

sometimes it's when you're taking a shit
or when the cops have you pulled over
it's never very profound
or life changing
that would be too perfect
like laughter
or good medicine
it's more like when you're looking at the white bump
on the side of your cock
concerned that it might be "something"
knowing god damn well that it's just an ingrown hair
i've made so many fucking mistakes in my life
and i think this stupid post, is one of them...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

i have neglected my blog

neglected to tell you about my depression
my anxiety
my lack of faith
or belief
in anything greater then myself
my will
my ideas
i've neglected to tell you about my sleeping
my lack of wanting
wanting to get out
go out
to do
to be
i have neglected this blog
my chores
my cleaning
i have neglected the leaky faucet in my bathroom
the dirty dryer vent
i have neglected to clean last years leaves from my gutter
my downspout
i have neglected to thank jesus
to thank god
to thank my wife
my friends
my mother
i have neglected to tell all of them, that
i love them
i am hurting
sometimes, just on the surface
i am in pain
and wandering
it hasn't changed
only the names
the faces
i have neglected to tell the truth
to tell the whole story
the right story
i have neglected my blog
my writing
my poetry
my words
the paper
so here it is
unable to sleep tonight
12:32 now
and i am awake

and i wish that this were enough
to make me ok
alright, whatever that is
and i am disturbed...

Monday, November 1, 2010

i forgot to post these on halloween

happy halloween
it's november 1st
in a few days, it will be dark at 5:30 PM
winter, will consume us all

Saturday, October 30, 2010

when i was a boy

i remember the streets being on fire
glowing orange
and red
that smell is unmistakable
800 fires on one night, i think?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i got my oil changed today

but i really have nothing else to say
or talk about
but since i have this blog
i sometimes feel compelled
to say something
pictures of detroit

Monday, October 25, 2010

i was out to dinner the other night

the waitress was busy cleaning tables
moving chairs around
her shoes looked old
her makeup was bad
i imagined that she had a couple of kids
at home
an old buick skylark
bad credit
and sore feet?
the restaurant wasn't very busy
i watched her for at least 45 minutes
filling bottles
wiping tables
so much life-
being broken down right in front of anyone brave enough, to
watch it happen
i couldn't take much more
it was around 8:00
i went home
having eaten too much-

i was embarrassed

so i hurried to sleep...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i had a lot to say, and

then today happened
this week
this month
this sentence happened...
and now i have nothing
i know less
feel less
more numb
more alone
more restless
and discontent
i had a lot to say, and
then i lost my faith
found a job
found a house
a car
some blue jeans
a belt that fit
i found 20 dollars
some cd's
some stickers
i had a lot to say, and
then i ate dinner
every night for
7 years straight
instead of going hungry
instead of getting angry
i found a king size bed
clean sheets
7 pillows
2 dogs
1000 anytime minutes
4 bedrooms
2 cars
1 garage
3 cameras
4 computers
i found a different god
a better god
one more suited
to co-sign my ideas
i had a lot to say, and
then my tv show came on
blu ray
asdf jkl;
thursday happened
life happened
blah blah blah...
fuck shit cock balls and ass
i had a lot say, and
then i said it all


Friday, October 1, 2010

life happens slowly

i had so much to say
but it has all escaped me
in this day
life happens slowly
i had such a great line, to insert
but it has escaped me
life crawls sometimes
mostly through the bad times
the winters
the nights
never when you're doing well
or making a shitload of money
that's when life passes you by-
it's more like when you're fucking up
sticking needles in to your arm
that's when life slows down
grinds to a fucking halt
and everything is magnified
it takes pain
and suffering
life happens slowly
i had such a great line to insert right here
and here
so slowly
eating shitty food from a soup kitchen
sleeping on some fuckin' junky's couch
it takes lice
and hemorrhoids
it takes bad skin
bad teeth
it happens slowly
i don't know about you
but i had to go out and create some hurt
before i could learn any lessons
pain has motivated me
brought me here
in front of this monitor
inserting lines
and i'm not talking about
some girl breaking your heart
or getting ripped off
life happens slower than that
then that
it's more like losing a career
or a house
or your daughter hating you
it's more like your parents dying
or herpes
or your best friend fucking your old lady:
that's life,
happening slowly
and it's magnified by
all of the careless mistakes
the ones that could have been so easily avoided
i had such a great line to insert right there

but what the fuck do i know
life happens slow
and it can't be manufactured
or glamorized
it has to be lived
each day
each moment
all the mistakes
the gods
the hospitals
the dry heaves
and fucked up skin
life happens on it's own terms
on it's own time
and i had such a great fucking line to insert right here
but it has escaped me
left me
and i am here
alone with life happening slowly.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

they're making movies here

filming on the streets
in the abandoned buildings
they're talking to people
art fags
driving down 5 lane roads
with only the internet watching
i am here
realizing that: this
town is dead
and i am bored with all of it
i only ever really liked what was wrong with detroit
aside from a coney dog
or some potato chips
i only come back for all the things
that are wrong
and now that's all fucked up too
i don't know what to do
or where to go next
maybe nowhere

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i have nothing to say

sept 16th
the wife, out
the dogs, watching
i am downloading music
surfing the web
i am neither interesting
nor relevant
i am simply, me
and that is pretty fucked up...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i found this photo of tiger stadium

on my hard drive
i remember this day so well
pictures of detroit
pictures of tiger stadium
pictures of....