Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i was at a party awhile back...

and the host was showing off his fireplace surround
hand carved by an italian artist
the artist was actually flown in
just for this project
put up in a 5 star hotel
2 months- he chiseled
cut- his way through the stone
one solid piece of quartz
so large in fact
that it had to be helicoptered in, while
the house was still under construction
too large to fit through any opening
they lowered it through the roof, before
it was sealed off, of course...

how i managed to be at this party is another story
for another time
and having said all of that;
i am pretty impressed with myself
when i have to take one of my doors off of the hinges
in order to move an appliance inside of the house
no helicopter
or italian artist
just me
and a dolly
and a friend...

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