Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my wife wakes up

about half an hour before i do
after she lets our dogs outside
they'll come running back upstairs
and jump in bed
with me
it makes it extremely difficult
to get up-
to go out
because i know what's out there waiting for me
i know how i feel when i participate in life

2 dogs sleeping
each of them 10 degrees warmer then me
pressed up against my legs
or my back:
there are times when my 2 dogs
sleeping in bed with me
are all i need
most days
it wouldn't take much for me to slam my vehicle right in to you
in to oncoming traffic
in to a mighty oak
a dumpster
i'll drive that motherfucker right in to a subway
eat fresh you cocksuckers!
2 dogs
10 degrees x 2
this morning was one of those mornings
this day, turned out alright
we'll see how tomorrow goes

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