Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 has been my best year

photographically speaking-
i have learned
i'm going to try and end the year on my blog
with some of my favorite shots from 2010
i might even attempt to tell a few stories?...

today's photo is/was a very important shot for me
john and i have traveled to the northeast several times this past year
mostly in search of hospitals,
more importantly
old mental hospitals
this particular hospital was so old in-fact, that
it had wooden floors but more importantly-
wooden wheelchairs
that's what we were after
wooden fuckin' wheelchairs
we passed on this location once,
in an attempt to hit another spot that we had been boned up about,
i'll have a story or two from that location also-

we met up with some friends for a predawn mission to find the elusive
as you can see (see below), we found one
that's pretty much where the story ends.
i could tell you about the security guard's car
or the poop on my tripod
or the dog food, but
this is supposed to be a photoblog
originally, a detroit photoblog...
it has since changed gears and turned in to an east coast photo blog

detroit was once the capital of abandoned buildings,
in regards to their splendor, that is.
but NO MORE i say!
detroit is beat!
spray painted
every fuckin' asshole with a flickr account and a camera, who happens to live near detroit, thinks that they are an urban explorer....urban exploring definitely is not driving within walking distance of an abandoned building, parking, going in through the front door, or an open window, or an 18 ft hole in the wall,
no! what these assholes are doing is going inside of abandoned buildings with cameras- like a bunch of....well, assholes!
i'm talking about thrill seeking!
risk taking!
working for it!
i'm talking about using maps, and GPS, and walking in the dark for 2 miles, climbing fences, climbing hills, hiding from the police, security guards, that's how i imagine it to you know why? cuz that's how it is! yeah!
pardon my brevity while i fluff my huge cock and balls...
well, fuck!
this is why i don't tell stories...i just end up angry and talking shit...

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