Wednesday, March 30, 2011

so fuck it.

this will be the last current photograph that i'll be posting
i have various reasons, for no longer posting new stuff:
some of the reasons have to do with the people who ride my jock
some of the reasons are personal
and some of the reasons are... none of your god damn business...
here's a photograph of yours truly, soak it all in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

once i finish editing these latest photographs

i won't be posting any new photos for awhile...
anything that i do upload, will either be old stuff, new edited versions of old stuff, text, scans, maybe even a story or two...
well, we are entering a new chapter in our photographic lives. this new chapter will not be televised until it is well under way, until it has taken shape. i'm not even sure what this new chapter will be exactly, because someone hasn't shared part of it with me yet....
it will however involve new locations, old locations, bad ass- locations!

so until we have it all figured out, tell me a little bit about yourself.
would you like a drink?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

certain moments in time

make me think
that i could be alright?
it's as simple as the wind
blowing through an open window

other times,
it's closing my eyes to sleep at night
and realizing, that i didn't hurt anyone
that day

certain moments in time
make me think
that i could be alright?
right now
isn't, one of those times...

when i was a boy

i accidentally pooped the tub
i put the turd in a plastic soap dish, the travel kind
i was embarrassed...

days later
my mother discovered the travel container
as well as the aforementioned turd
needless to say, i was again embarrassed

but tonight
i could give a fuck
you see;
i lived a troubled- young life
and it was to be expected...

a young boy,
pooping the bathtub
i suppose i could have flushed it down the toilet?
but... whatever
my life has been full, of plastic soap dishes
with poop inside...

so fuck you for judging me!
these are the cards that i was dealt...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sitting here listening to my reality

it's not easy
being alone with
all that i have done
this isn't me,
beating myself over the head
and again
refusing to forgive

it's just the consequence(s)
of too many bad choices
it's a shame
that i chose to pay such a high price
just to be able to sit here
and wait

for what will ultimately be-
the end...

Monday, March 21, 2011

i am not the first

to shoot this abandoned scene
over the years, i have admired the space,
but never photographed it for myself
i decided to shoot it recently
but a little different then the previous versions.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

sometimes, all i need is love

and maybe a little luck
or $50
a sharp pocket knife
maybe even one more quarter.
all i need is love
and magic
and sex,
good comedy
good steak
strong coffee
all the time
well, maybe most of the time
all i need is some love
a few green lights in a row
maybe this blog
my camera
a good song on the radio
i need a good hat
one that's broken in
slightly dirty...
all i need is some slightly dirty love
but not the kind that's broken in
because this aint a catchers mitt we're talking about
i'm talking about the open road
a good sitcom
a good drag off of a strong cigarette (but i don't smoke anymore)
i'm talking about good dope (but i don't_________ anymore)
a good buzz (but i don't_________ anymore)
a stiff drink (but i don't_________ anymore)

all you need is one more hand
one more throw
one more pull
one more yard
one more bite
one more anything then the pain that keeps you there, anywhere

all i need is a comfortable pair of jeans
i need god
my god,
i need moments like this
this one, right here
alone in my office
i need all of this
whatever this is

and i need this photograph
and i need it to be good
i need to be good
i'm trying
trying so hard

well, let me rephrase that, i'm
not really trying
because this, is all i can do
and all i can do is be
so here i am
on a sunday night

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

this is the first time

that i have ever walked away with a shot of this place
that didn't look distorted, or like a cartoon...
this is a hard one to photograph

i'm trying some different processing, especially on my exterior detroit shots,
i'm getting closer to defining what i see in my head...

from above

this shot was taken about an hour after
the other version, from below the balcony (see 2 days ago),
the lighting and temperature had changed dramatically
in such a short time.
i'm glad i got a chance to shoot here again,

always nice to see the old girl still standing...

Monday, March 14, 2011

old murphy bed

this scene has always been what abandoned photography is all about!
for me anyway...
i feel fortunate to have been able to go back, again
to try and do a better job with this classic
before it's gone, or ruined any further
i've shot this several times in the past
but i've never really been happy with my finished product.
it's difficult for me to keep the edited version
similar to how this room really looks.
this is a tough one, but i think i finally like it, after
all these years...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i may have posted these last year?

either way
i'm always looking at my old files
to see what i did wrong
most of the time
within weeks of my taking any photograph, i'm
over it...


i'm posting/reposting these
simply because i like them
and because this was a fun place...

Friday, March 11, 2011

i went to work today

i ate an orange
i farted
the radio was on
i sent some text messages
drove home
shoveled some slush from my walkway
i drank a coke
watched 30 minutes of a law and order episode that
i've already seen 3 times before
hours later
and now i'm depressed
but you probably gathered that

Monday, March 7, 2011

i've been inside of my fair share of abandoned buildings

the lights will be on, which
is always weird
sometimes, the heat will be on
or the water
i've seen homeless guys with clocks plugged in
i've seen a hooker give a dude head
a few junkies shoot up
some crackheads
once in awhile you'll even run across the fucking alarms going off.
we've even been inside of an abandoned building, on the campus of an active prison
or two...
but this particular church/school was a first for me
i took a shit on a toilet
that still had water hooked up
and toilet paper in the stall
there was even a fucking toilet seat liner...

now what?

it's sunday night


Saturday, March 5, 2011

old catholic church

the best part about this place was
the secret hatch that went to the bathrooms
aside from that, whatever...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

let's forget indiana for a moment

i was going to hold on to my images from this location
until it got sealed up, but that's not likely going to happen
an old boxing ring
in a church basement
in detroit...