Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i'm working on a new story for

the many readers that my stat counter tells me
are clicking on my site via direct link.
we're not talking about the hits i get from dfunk or the walking man, no!
we're talking about

but...until my new tale is complete, here's a photo
that is still possible.
so if you know where it is, and it blows your skirt up, then have it my friends. i wish you all the luck in the world on this one. now i suppose that i could call it out by name, or start a thread on detroityes about the building and it's terrible condition...all the while promoting myself, and my prowess.
but that's not how i do things, and that would also be foolish.
plus this photo was taken about 2 years a go,
so maybe they swept up a little?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this photo is still possible, (kind of)

but i don't know if i'll be heading back here again?
this hospital is in my top 3, of all the abandoned locations that i have been to...
some people don't really care for this place, and i'll admit,
i wasn't real crazy about it while we were there,
but after i got in to the files,
even with the lack of stuff...
i'd love another crack at this place!
oh well,
for now...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

i've always thought

that taking a quality hallway shot inside the train station was difficult,
over the years i've tried to improve my compositions while shooting there...
i've always neglected this hallway, half finished, half modern, but i like this shot,

Friday, April 22, 2011

while today's photo is average at best

the story behind our being at this hospital
is/was much more interesting then
i'll ever be able to tell...

we found ourselves on some railroad tracks in connecticut
at about 3:45AM
our destination, a 100 year old asylum about 1 mile up the way.
we had already explored there the day before, but
our main objective had not been photographed
foiled by some city workers, a movie crew, and a fuckin' security guard
we decided that one more attempt was in order.

red bull-
walking in the dark at 3:46AM
drunk on self righteousness
and sick with hospital fever
we hurried the pace
the moon our only friend...

somewhere around 4:00 in the morning
we found ourselves lost in the dark
and trapped in a cul-de-sac of sorts, pinned by a search light.
presumably a police search light?
do we hide or do we run?
a little of both was in order...
running from the police at 4:02AM in connecticut
ahhh yes!
life is good.

after recovering both physically and emotionally
we decided that it was best for us to be on our way,
but where was that to be exactly?
long island new york, of course!

like madmen:
navigating our way in the pouring rain,
driving in a rental car with a busted trunk,
a sprained ankle,
bruised ego's,
and ham wraps,
we made the black top our bitch!

bridges, tunnels, toll roads, and highways, we
found ourselves at the rendezvous before some of the locals had even arrived, yeah!
which brings us to today's photo...
4 different locations in one day
3 states
hundreds of miles
and a lifetime reminder that life without art/risk is stupid!
i will always look back on this trip and these photos with great fondness
proud of myself and my friends, for having the courage and the desire to go out and Do, to go out and Be...

when my time as a photographer is done, i will be complete with knowing that i was never afraid to be... having tried my hardest and never compromising on who i am, and what i do... i've done it my way, the only way, and i thank god for the courage to be who i am!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

when i was about 16 years old

we would drink over at this guys apartment
we'll call him alex
alex wasn't exactly wrapped too tight
he probably needed medication
or long term care?
either way
his apartment provided us with a safe place
to do some underage drinking
alex never bought alcohol for us
in fact, we usually bought for him
he also never made a move on any of us
he was neither gay
nor interested

his apartment
was really a one room efficiency in a flop house
it was a real shithole
alex worked at the produce terminal
slinging cabbage
he made $40 cash per day
5 days a week
we would be at his place drinking
while he threw cabbage.

alex would come home from the terminal
within an hour or two
he would be shit faced
at us
standing in front of the mirror
after a couple of hours
i would begin to imagine that he was yelling at his step father
either for beating him
or molesting him-
perhaps both?

more drinking
sometimes crying
breaking things
there would be moments of uncomfortable silence
that seemed to last an hour or more
then laughter
and tears...
this happened every single time
that i was over there-
each night played out like a comedy of errors
that none of us really understood

and then one day, i just never saw him again
there was no story
or reason
life had simply changed
i went in another direction
towards a different kind of pain
that would take me years to understand

over time i've often thought of alex
drunk and tired
broke down
and alone
stinking, of cabbage.
i like to think that maybe he was an angel
or a saint
or a savior,
i like to imagine his purpose
being greater then i could have ever considered-
it hurts me to think that he may have just been a crazy drunken victim of a madness and terror that most of us are lucky to have never been witness to.

when i look back now
i realize how fortunate i am:
in spite of the poor decisions
and the mistakes that i have made
some version of God
has shown me more mercy and grace
then i could ever possibly deserve

and i can only hope now
that alex
eventually found Him too...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

as stated in a previous post

i'm no longer posting current content
instead, i am focusing on improving my compositions
as well as my technical skills.
i will continue to go out and shoot, aggressively, but
i'm going to hold on to the new images
for awhile anyway...
which brings me here
to this room,
this is from 2 years a go,
an awesome room, that
i would love to go back and photograph again...
but since it looks nothing like this, anymore
i'm stuck with the old version.
i would have done a couple of things differently,
if i knew then, what i know now, the story of my life...
it's rooms like this one, that make me love
what i do...

some people call it ruins porn, i call it photography.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i shot this last year

inside of a mental hospital in new york.
i'm working on some new editing, and i thought
this would be a good photograph to try out
some of the new contrast and color techniques
that i'm experimenting with...

i love when a photograph is filled with doors that swing out, into the hallway!

Monday, April 11, 2011


one of the best decay/corridor shots, that
i have seen, unfortunately
this no longer exists.
the building still remains,
but most of the interior has been completely gutted...

i've decided to add ruins porn to my tags,
since it's trending right now...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

this was/is one of the best abandoned hospitals

that i have ever explored
and i've been in a few...
of particular excitement here:
the on duty security that roamed the halls
the workers working
the homeless living
the lights
the water
the heat.

this place was quite a bit more modern then i generally like
but it made up for it in decay, and the objects left behind.
most of my images from here are not up to my standards, so
(as my teacher used to tell me, "a good photographer only shows his best work").
i won't be reposting much from here.

i also won't be able to go back and shoot this great place, because
demolition = progress
or something like that...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

this is/was

one of my favorite abandoned rooms
continuing with my current theme however, makes
this shot no longer possible.
i have edited this one several different times
over the last few years.

i wish that i could go back and re-shoot it,
oh well...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sitting in my office

a familiar place
listening to eric B & rakim
editing old files...
ahh yes,
this one is from a gentleman's club (not that kind).

this photograph, is also (see yesterday)
no longer possible
and to think...the
first time we shot here, there
were peaches on the counter

god damn it...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


this photograph is no longer possible
i shot this almost 4 years a go.
the desks have long been scrapped for their precious metal.
this room,
this photograph,
this old school house...
is what makes me (made me) want to photograph abandoned places.
unfortunately for me, detroit is no longer desirable
there's definitely no shortage of abandonment
but the majority of it is vandalized, scrapped, and populated by a steady stream of weekend warriors...
i try very hard to do my own thing, as far away from most people
as possible.