Friday, April 22, 2011

while today's photo is average at best

the story behind our being at this hospital
is/was much more interesting then
i'll ever be able to tell...

we found ourselves on some railroad tracks in connecticut
at about 3:45AM
our destination, a 100 year old asylum about 1 mile up the way.
we had already explored there the day before, but
our main objective had not been photographed
foiled by some city workers, a movie crew, and a fuckin' security guard
we decided that one more attempt was in order.

red bull-
walking in the dark at 3:46AM
drunk on self righteousness
and sick with hospital fever
we hurried the pace
the moon our only friend...

somewhere around 4:00 in the morning
we found ourselves lost in the dark
and trapped in a cul-de-sac of sorts, pinned by a search light.
presumably a police search light?
do we hide or do we run?
a little of both was in order...
running from the police at 4:02AM in connecticut
ahhh yes!
life is good.

after recovering both physically and emotionally
we decided that it was best for us to be on our way,
but where was that to be exactly?
long island new york, of course!

like madmen:
navigating our way in the pouring rain,
driving in a rental car with a busted trunk,
a sprained ankle,
bruised ego's,
and ham wraps,
we made the black top our bitch!

bridges, tunnels, toll roads, and highways, we
found ourselves at the rendezvous before some of the locals had even arrived, yeah!
which brings us to today's photo...
4 different locations in one day
3 states
hundreds of miles
and a lifetime reminder that life without art/risk is stupid!
i will always look back on this trip and these photos with great fondness
proud of myself and my friends, for having the courage and the desire to go out and Do, to go out and Be...

when my time as a photographer is done, i will be complete with knowing that i was never afraid to be... having tried my hardest and never compromising on who i am, and what i do... i've done it my way, the only way, and i thank god for the courage to be who i am!

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