Thursday, June 30, 2011

remeber when you were a kid

and you showed your mom how good you were at coloring between the lines? even though you fucking sucked ass, she would always tell you what a great job you did, and how she was proud of you...i think that kind of mentality fucked a lot of people up, for the long term... the world is full of delicate geniuses, each one of them looking for their proverbial mother to tell them how wonderful they are...the yellows and greens all over the page, mixed in with the reds, the whites, the lines have been blurred- by these self absorbed can see it all over the internet, it's everywhere... i try my best to stay away from it, away from them... somewhere along the way though, i decided to stop talking about the problem, i decided to do "my thing" quietly, but i don't think i'm going to do that anymore? i'm going to talk about it every once in while, i need to say what's on my mind, that is after all why i have this blog, isn't it?

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