Sunday, June 26, 2011

so here's my updated photo of the cass tech auditorium

i finally got one that i like.
an added bonus for me was the ceiling lights that had either fallen or been lowered by scrappers, or maybe the demo crew?
these downed lights add to the beautifully deteriorated state of the room, and they offer a timeline, to an otherwise cliche shot of an abandoned detroit classic. (i'm really proud of myself, huh?)

i also like that since the curtain is gone, you can just barely see daylight coming through the back wall, right at the stage floor...the only reason that there's any significance to that, is the fact there's supposed to be a building there, and not daylight. the demolition crew was literally inches away from busting through the auditorium's back stage about cutting it close?

my first time here was in 2007, and for some reason i never was able to get this shot quite right. sometimes i let places/buildings get away from me, and i get busy with other locations, or shots...i'm glad that i didn't let this one slip away, i've allowed that to happen too many times, photography and in life,
but that's a story for another time.
now isn't it?

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