Thursday, June 23, 2011

so the old cass tech high school is being demolished

and i'm pretty sure that there is no redevelopment plan in place?


this photograph of the auditorium is from 2009

i have one from 2007 that's straight on, but it's terrible

and it will likely never see the light of day?


i'm not too thrilled about this shot

but anyone who knows this place, knows how dark it is/was inside of the auditorium

and since cameras kind of require light...

the thing that always bothered/bothers me, was/is trying to

light this room without casting shadows from the ceiling you can see, i have a few shadows,


you try and do a better job, and then you can judge me (assholes)....oh, that's right, this room is gone now, demolished, so....yeah!


just so happens that it took all the way up until 2011, well in to the demolition, before i would get my updated, better looking/less shadows shot from this place...

i know i said i wasn't going to post any new content, but i'll make an exception for this, especially since i have some other demo shots that i'll also post, starting maybe tomorrow? or the next day?


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