Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i would like to photograph an old building

preferably a hospital
maybe 100 years old
i would like my old 100 year old hospital to be abandoned
but with no scrapping
no graffiti
and no vandalism either
what's that? do i hear you laughing so hard that you shit yourself?
well, in detroit this would not be possible...
within a matter of hours
the copper would be ripped from the walls
the wiring
the fixtures
the windows
the roof flashing
you get the idea...
three days later after john or myself post some pictures from there, a couple of assholes from another state would stalk our online activities and go there to steal our identical compositions, post them on the web and not give either of us a shout out...
a week later, some hipster would likely spray paint their band's name all over the walls, maybe some song titles too, then they would shoot their next album cover on the front steps...
i would also like my 100 year old abandoned hospital with no graffiti, no vandalism, and no scrapping, to be an asylum, with old medical equipment, and i would like it to be so difficult to get in to- that not every other fag on flickr has a shot from there, oh yeah and 32 of their flickr friends do too, and they all leave comments on each others photo, saying things like, "nice light control" and "another level"...i would like my 100 year old asylum to have the window glass still mostly intact, maybe the door hardware too, hell- while we're at it, throw in some medical records, some tuberculosis transfusion hoovenflapper valves and some rolled up gauze....i want to take photographs there all day, all week, all month, i want to shoot there for so fucking long that my wife has to send someone to find me, drag me out of there, 16856732090 gigs of fucking raw camera files bitch! that's right! fuck you! fuck flickr! fuck your facebook! your spinning wheels of fire! your gas masks! fuck all of it, and while you're busy fucking yourself, i might slip next door to the neoclassical industrial bohemoth of a power plant, with all the turbines still in place, i might shoot that bitch too, until my boys drag me the fuck out of there and feed me some bologna sandwiches!!!! i think there's an abandoned Quiznos over by washington blvd! let's go urbex that shit!!!

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