Tuesday, July 19, 2011

we can only lead ourselves. there are many people out there to inspire us, but it is ultimately God and our own resolve that will find us on the other side of mediocrity and irrelevance. we must slay our own dragons. will we choose to go up against a Goliath, or will we cower at the first sign of failure, and fight a lesser opponent in exchange for the safety of a sure thing...i can only lead myself.
i can only break the rules once i understand the rules.
i can only understand the rules once i have studied them.
i can only study them by putting in my time.
i can only put in my time, by putting in my time.
it takes years to learn what we don't know.
it takes years of trial and error to begin to understand.
once i begin to understand, i have a chance.
i can only have a chance, when i admit that i don't know.

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