Friday, July 15, 2011

when i was 8 years old

my mother took me to a party at mcdonalds
it was the first ronald mcdonald playhouse to open in southwest detroit
there were kids everywhere
the news was there
corporate people from mcdonalds were walking around
there was even an inflatable hamburglar flopping in the wind
ronald mcdonald himself was being flown in by a company helicopter.

they appeared over the horizon!
everyone was excited
about 10 or 15 feet from the ground
something went wrong
and the helicopter just kind of fell
there was no smoke
or flames
but instead, a loud thud
all of the kids were crying
the landing was nothing short of awkward
the doors flew open
and ronald came stumbling out
bleeding from his forehead
people were running
ronald was swearing,



louder and louder!

he was yelling at the pilot
calling him a cocksucker
and then reality set in-
ronald waived
ashamed and embarrassed
he tried to let everyone know that he was alright...

an ambulance came
and took ronald away on a stretcher,
the corporate suits were apologizing to all of the parents
and then just like that, the party had ended
my mother and i drove home,
in silence...

all these years later
as i sit here and type this;
i cant help but think of a janitor
pulling the plug on the inflatable hamburglar
perhaps lighting up a cigarette, while he waited
for the air to slowly escape-
stuffing the masked man in to the back of a van
driving off
towards a storage unit somewhere,
as ronald lay uncomfortably
in a hospital bed-
heavy with regret, and short on luck...

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