Monday, August 15, 2011


it's no cass tech auditorium, but this is all i had to work with...

as i was shooting this, the building was loudly creaking,
from the demolition presumably?
anyway, it wasn't the creaking steel or the parade of cops who kept going in and out of the police station (just on the other side of that excavator) that had me worried. no, it was the onslaught of last minute scrappers running through the auditorium, snatching up every piece of metal they could get their hands on....right up to the last second!
now, i'm not usually bothered too much by scrappers if they happen to be inside a building while i'm shooting, but these guys kind of worried me, plus i was here this caused me to send a few text messages out there, to all of my friends...just to let someone know where my remains could be found...

as you can read, it all worked out in the end...


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