Thursday, September 15, 2011

i have a cousin, we'll call him Michael.

he lived down the street from me
with his grandmother
i used to walk over to his house a few times a week
but since he was never allowed outside
we would always play indoors (this is another story for another time)
when Michael would have to go to the bathroom
he would call for his grandmother
she would go in after him.
minutes later, they would both emerge
for years this went on
finally, one day
i looked through the cracked bathroom door
and his grandmother was wiping his ass for him
we were probably 13 years old at the time
i didn't say anything
or tell anyone,
i went home...
the next time i saw Michael,
i told him that his grandmother should not be wiping his ass anymore,
he said ok.
i didn't see much of my cousin after that day
several years later
he moved to south carolina;
chasing a girl
that he met over the internet.
that was a long
long time a go...
last year,
his grandmother died
i didn't attend the services
but my mother did
she told me that Michael married that girl,
from south carolina
and she also told me that
my cousin, says

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