Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i remember when this place was difficult to get in to

most of the stained glass was still in place
there were organ pipes
and other religious artifacts
that were not removed by the archdiocese
this place is wide open
you could drive a truck inside
it's difficult to shoot here however,
because you run the risk of bumping in to the countless stream of people who go here to play dress up...(insert link here)

my biggest fear while shooting this very photo was that i might get caught up in someone's playtime. never mind trying to take quality photographs of a beautifully decaying catholic church, no! let's bring a couple changes of clothes and do a little photo shoot. what the fuck?!

who would have ever saw this coming?
in detroit no less...

it seems like when i express my opinion here, on this blog
it offends a few people. sometimes i get emails, or i see banter back and forth on other sites...
if it doesn't apply, let it fly
or go fuck yourself
i'm ok with either one.

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