Friday, September 30, 2011

the 2011 north east hurricane tour

has been over for the better part of a month.
we are home now, and i am bored. the reality of life, the cost of the trip, the many rejections, and the blows to the ego have all settled in...!
it's friday night and the tigers are in a rain delay, so here it is:
this power station proved to be one of our best sites on the tour and ironically, we weren't even going to hit this one...but things had not quite worked out the way we had we found ourselves knee deep in industrial decay! i guess i'll try and edit a few images from this location, and maybe even share some of my thoughts?...

i just read a blog post where the photographer said, "it’s hard not to join the ranks of the cynical and jaded" this was in relation to urban exploring and shooting the same old locations...i'll have to work on that, for sure.

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