Tuesday, October 4, 2011

before we reached this power station

our trip had taken some sudden turns for the worse...our spirits were not high! i voiced my concerns to john, and we discussed returning home. deciding to press onward, we grabbed a few hours sleep in a parking lot...hours later, we were somewhat startled to find an entire police force standing outside the car, threatening to break the windows...now, you might wake up and comply with the overly zealous white bread cop with the 9MM, but not me. no! fuck that! i rolled over and laid back down, why? because i was tired and because we weren't doing anything wrong, that's why! i'm a grow'd ass man who just needed some sleep so he could keep driving! well, after eventually rolling down the windows and getting out of the car, the cops were disappointed that we didn't have any weapons, drugs, warrants, or needles, and... we weren't nodding out or cuttin' rails on the dash, so they had to let us go...one rule that i've always tried to stick by is: don't get smart with the cops, not even if you're right. don't talk shit, don't act a fool, and if you can do that, you'll probably be ok...anyway, one of the older cops took a liking to john, i kind of sensed a mentor type of conversation going on over there... i was busy trying to convince my cop that i didn't have any weed on me...fuck!
well, after they told us to leave town we decided that the hospital we were going to hit, which was 10 minutes away, might not be a good idea...so we drove towards a hotel. our spirits were now low, again...we woke up in the morning however, convinced that we would not give up. we decided to push on...we were going to be picking up our friend from brooklyn in a couple days, and that would definitely ignite our spirits...! the next few locations were going to be "sure things" so we decided to get some good food and drive on...
we hit an abandoned subway tunnel, scouted, slept at a rest area, and then we found ourselves here...slightly refocused and energized.

i don't quite feel like working on this story any further or trying to make it more enjoyable for you, so this is about as good as it's gonna get...boom! an abandoned power station. a photograph of the coal tower, at dawn. this was definitely one of the better locations on our trip, and i walked away with a few good shots...this is one of them.

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