Tuesday, October 11, 2011

until very recently

i had never been inside of this building. i knew of a few people who had made it in several years back, but to be quite honest with you, i never really tried. i assumed that this place was a real shithole, and since it was kind of sealed up, i stayed busy with other things...well, john and i made an attempt recently that was unsuccessful due to a woman talking on her cell phone, directly where we needed to enter, for over an hour, wtf?! we tried a couple more times, and we were turned away by one random occurrence or another...well, eventually we made it inside, and although a large portion of the building was in fact a shithole, some of it was pretty cool. this hallway for example, had that asylum blue green colored paint, and the kind of decay that was natural, with virtually no vandalism or scrapping...a bittersweet day really; gaining access to a building that has been on the list for a long time, and... crossing off one of the last decent abandoned buildings left in detroit... this place kind of reminded me of the broderick tower and the wurlitzer all rolled in to one.

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