Friday, December 30, 2011

i believe this is from 2006

from the david whitney building
looking south
towards jefferson
there's some recent david whitney photographs on flickr... the word "urbex" is used in the tags, comments, or descriptions... it's not urban exploring if the model D people open the front door for you while they're cleaning up, is it?

you can see campus martius park under construction
in the distance.
i've said it before... i wish i were a better photographer back then.

why am i posting all of these old shitty photographs?
well, because i can
and because i want to.
also because i think they're kind of cool.

and... the longer i shoot and the longer i'm out there doing it
the less i want to participate or be a part of any online photography, anything.
so i'm posting old stuff, and keeping anything new off the grid...

if i wasn't several years in to this stupid blog,
i'd pull the plug on this thing and be done with it...

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