Monday, January 2, 2012

here's another old photo from the madison lenox hotel

a chair with carpeting on the seat
how retro...?

years a go
i knew a guy
we'll call him bill
bill was an odd man
he and i weren't exactly friends
we just happened to know each other for a short time.
bill got drunk one night
and went to a massage parlor
30 minutes later, he left angrily
because the girl refused to give him a happy ending
the night went on
bill continued to drink...
after the massage parlor closed
bill went back
bill broke in
bill stole- their televison
took a shit on their rug.

we're not talking about the HD flat screens of today that can be lifted with a finger.
we're talking about the big ass floor model zeniths of the 80's...
this wasn't just any rug
this was the rug in the main lobby area,
the kind that really ties a room together!

think about that

because i do...

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