Tuesday, May 22, 2012

when i was eleven years old

the guy down the street chopped up his car
with an ax.
the police came
the fire department,
and EMS
even the news was there.

the man with the ax,
the ax man if you will,
locked himself inside of his house
and refused to come outside-
hours went by...

the ax man shot himself.

the police left
the fire department
the news
the EMS
the neighbors went back inside...

the next day
a tow truck came
and towed away the chopped up car
as time went on
people stopped talking about it
it was simply forgotten
by everyone
including me...

until tonight.

sitting here
typing this
i can picture the car; with
the windshield smashed
ax marks
fluid leaking
the neighbors running
the ax man screaming...

i don't remember what kind kind of car it was
except that it was blue
i don't remember what his name was either
except that it wasn't the ax man, that
i am sure...

Monday, May 14, 2012

my mother called me the other day

to let me know that her TV was goin' out.
black lines, she said...
black lines

the TV,
was on it's way out.
i told her that i had an extra television in my basement,
and that she was welcome to it.
she was going to measure the opening of her cabinet, so that we could determine if the new TV would fit;
my mother called me back today
it took her several minutes to find her notes
her glasses
her measurements,
she read them to me...

the TV in my basement doesn't fit.