Monday, January 18, 2016

i'm trying out new processing and raw conversions

some of these recent posted images need to be replaced,
but i may just say fuck it...
i'm trying out some new things
learning more about image profiles
and profiles for web and monitors, etc.
it's all pretty boring and confusing
i'm posting the final images on my website

here's a photo of some pet coke piles
on the banks of the detroit river
near Zug Island

yum! you can taste it over the internet...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

didn't go out shooting this weekend

but here's an image of some cool old wallpaper.
this was shot in a pretty important building,
important in regards to the history of Delray.
we managed to get inside, about 3 years a go.

not an epic location,
but very cool, for me anyway...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

not everything or everyone

in Delray is totally jacked up.
we met a really nice lady

who said she own this former church building.
she said they're going to convert it, in to a kids play center
or something like that...

i've tried to take this shot a few times
in months past,
but i've either been chased away by an angry neighbor
or a pit bull...

but not this time.

here's the corner of sloan and burdeno

what you don't see are too many houses.

what you do see
are weeds
and empty fields, where
houses used to be...

you can also make out
St. Cantius in the distance
which is closed now
like most things in Delray.

i knew a girl who lived in a house, just to the right of the frame.
i had a crush on her when i was boy
her brother died in a car crash
i think it was a car that him and his father were working on.

her house is gone now

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

i think

in order to keep the text wrapped correctly around the images

i have to center the images
instead of align them left...
i think this kind of sucks.
blogger is old school.
it's for older internet folks
it's not tumblr
or facebook
or whatever younger people are into these

i kind of know what they're into off line,
that's a conversation for another post, entirely.

here's a photo from underneath I 75, in Delray.

they bulldozed over 1000 homes and businesses
to clear the land needed to construct
this towering mess of a freeway.

i'm pretty sure a car drove over the side of this span, back in the day
but i can't find any info...

this is sort of a different side of Delray
nestled in between the rail road tracks, heavy industry,
and underneath a fucking freeway.
this is where you went, back in the day
to ditch a car
or a boat
or jump a car over the hill on Baron St.
there used to be a house at the corner, where the hill is
the guy who lived there had to construct a guard rail in the front corner of his house
to keep cars from crashing into his house...uhhmm, yeah!

i have to figure out how to fix the text alignment

around, and below my images....
this shot is taken from a field on Jefferson
looking towards Medina St. and Barnes
you can make out parts of Zug Island also.

never mind that couch.
I'm going to go back and reshoot this with a different lens...

Monday, January 4, 2016

2 posts already, in 2016

i have equaled my post total for 2015,
and it's only january 4th.
i can now take the rest of the year off...

but seriously,
i'm going to keep posting about Delray, and
a few other things along the way.

i'm also going to try and figure out how to make my images look right, on blogger.
so, here's a photo of Fort St. and West End.
On the other side of Fort, West End is called Springwells. you may have heard of it...?
but in Delray, it's West End.

you're looking at what's left of an old Fisher Body plant. plant # 18 maybe?
i believe it was torn down in '93.
here's a satellite image that shows the catwalk, which used to cross over West End.
you can see where it used to be, on the left side, of these current images...

we traveled through this intersection on our way home to Delray, every day, year after year...
this intersection, for me, meant crossing over into the abyss...
that's how it felt anyway:
so cut off from the rest of the world,
from the rest of detroit
my friends
all we had was... well i guess i'll get into that
in another post
on another day,
until then...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Delray, Detroit

also known as:
or Del Rey
"of The Kings"
and then finally, Delray
as the name was changed into a more English version...

some might also refer to Delray as:
a shit hole
or a ghost town
or wasteland...

for me:
it's what I called, "home"

I can smell it from here:
45 minutes North
in my suburban home
safe from the stench that is the
waste water treatment facility.
safe from the stench that is
the 48209...
Zug Island
Dead Krak Heads
the Marathon refinery.
45 minutes North...
but I can't kid myself
the stench of Belgrade has burned a place into my soul,
my bones,
my heart.

as i sit here and type
from my relatively odor free
and spacious office/spare bedroom
the streets of Delray have stayed with me
burned through the very fabric of my existence.
leaving a charred,
soot stain, on my soul.

Delray is where I became a man
it's where I made my first series of bad choices
poor decisions...
it's where i first learned of virtue
and circumstance.

Delray is where i cut my teeth
it's where i took my first swing
my first hit
it's where i first, got hit:
beat down
got back up, crawled back home,
and did it all over again.

it's where i had to run away from,
to save what little bit of innocence,
i had left...

45 minutes North
i sit here typing
looking back,
thinking back
only going back,
to remind myself of where i come from,
so i won't forget.
45 minutes North
and who am i kidding?
i can still smell it from here...

it smells like home
it smells like death
it smells like:
West End
and the Delray Rec Center,
like the soap factory
on a humid August night
it smells like guns being fired
houses, being burned...
it smells like life being reduced to the lowest common denominator.
it smells like families- being torn apart
by crack cocaine,
by alcohol,
and hatred...
it smells like dreams being put aside:
washed away
drowned out
smoked out...
it smells like life
and death
and love.
like fighting
and fucking
and fear,
it smells like bloody fists
and broken screen doors.
it smells like
bruised egos
and tears...

but who am i kidding?
Del Rey is where i'm from
it's made me- who i am
and 45 minutes North,
and all these years later,
i'm doing ok
in spite of myself
and i wouldn't change a god damned thing...

except for maybe
that awful fucking smell...