Tuesday, January 5, 2016

i think

in order to keep the text wrapped correctly around the images

i have to center the images
instead of align them left...
i think this kind of sucks.
blogger is old school.
it's for older internet folks
it's not tumblr
or facebook
or whatever younger people are into these days...online.

i kind of know what they're into off line,
that's a conversation for another post, entirely.

here's a photo from underneath I 75, in Delray.

they bulldozed over 1000 homes and businesses
to clear the land needed to construct
this towering mess of a freeway.

i'm pretty sure a car drove over the side of this span, back in the day
but i can't find any info...

this is sort of a different side of Delray
nestled in between the rail road tracks, heavy industry,
and underneath a fucking freeway.
this is where you went, back in the day
to ditch a car
or a boat
or jump a car over the hill on Baron St.
there used to be a house at the corner, where the hill is
the guy who lived there had to construct a guard rail in the front corner of his house
to keep cars from crashing into his house...uhhmm, yeah!

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the walking man said...

Ain't no place like the memory of home Brother.