Sunday, February 7, 2016

i've decided to go backwards

i'm shooting film:
it's expensive,
it takes longer,
and it's harder.

for the first time in my life, i have great gear, with pretty much all the right lenses, etc...
but i've decided to go backwards
the end is the beginning, is the end...

this film shot, of the Delray RR tower,
is my favorite
of the recent ones that i've been editing.
this shot is a little off on the color, but it's old expired film
and i think it looks cool...


the walking man said...

Do you know what they did in that small tower? Was it someone keeping an eye on a switch or the trains coming and going. God damn son, you know so much more of physical Detroit than me. I guess I should have made a final move further south in Detroit a few years ago to have seen some of these heretofore unseen buildings.

justin said...

this is a still active interlocking tower. i think it's the only one that is still manned by an actual person.