Saturday, February 27, 2016

i finished physical therapy on thursday

so that means i'm a little closer
to being ok...?
ok in terms of my shoulder
my arm
my bicep.

it's been 2 1/2 years of constant pain
some days, agonizing
not a lot of sleep
a bunch of missed work
missed opportunities
2 1/2 years
and now i'm a little closer
to being ok
closer to being normal again

i found a blog post the other day
where i complained about my sore shoulder
i forgot that this thing has been going on
for at least 8 years

i guess the real pain started
about 2 1/2 years a go
right before i had the 1st surgery

on thursday i finished physical therapy
they threw me a pizza party
i'm a little closer,
to being ok...

1 comment:

the walking man said...

Bwahahahahaha The VA just sent me a note they are cutting off my access to pain drugs because of the opioid epidemic in the country. Whats funny is they are cutting off my Vicodin and giving me a different opioid.

Go figure. I really don't give a crap one way or the other because the pain will always be with me. So fuck 'em.