Saturday, February 20, 2016

went on a quick but awesome road trip.

sat in the car for 6 hours
and shot for about 5 1/2
so this was a pretty good test
to see how my bionic surgically repaired arm
could handle some more serious shooting...

i did pretty well
in terms of my arm that is.

there's some other aspects of my life that i'm not so sure about
but that's gonna have to be talked about
another time.

here's a shot of a cell block
and a portion of a cell,
in the shadows
on the right side of the frame.

this shot has it all;
extreme lighting conditions
black blacks
bright whites
peeling paint....!

this prison was designed to be shot with the camera in the portrait orientation
and i hate that orientation.
there's a reason your TV is in the landscape position,
it's because it looks better.
movies are shot in wide angle, 16:3, 4:3, 70mm, 35mm
but they are not filmed in 4x6 or 8x10
you get the idea?

so when i turned my camera back to landscape
i was finally able to settle in
and figure out my shots.

this one,
gives me a boner!

maybe you have a boner too?
you're  welcome.

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