Sunday, March 27, 2016

here are 2 photos of the same thing...

this first image is shot with a digital camera and a wide angle lens.
i love the clarity and sharpness.
the color and white balance are different then the film shot,
but i edited this a little differently, to look more like film, so i may have tweaked it too much?
i caught the crosses on the right, because the lens is wide angle
and i kind of like that...
i was standing in the turn lane when i shot this.

this second image was shot with a 40 year old film camera
with a longer fixed focal length lens.
i like the color in this one better, but it is a little too saturated
the whites are a little warmer, but
that's party because the sun was different when i shot this one.
the whites and color are easy enough to fix on either version...
what i don't like about this film shot is,
i had to stand pretty much across the street to get the cow head the way i wanted.
this means, i lost the crosses on the right, and i like the crosses...
i could have put a wider lens on the film camera,
but i was using a specific tilt shift lens...
i also don't like how this image is less then tack sharp, but
that could be because of the scanning...?
the full size version of this, on my computer, is pretty damn sharp
and i'm impressed with this old lens, but i'm spoiled by the clarity of digital.
i like the longer focal length, and how it changes the feel,
but i also like the wide angle.

i think i need a lens that's right in between these two...!

i also like the little bit of lint on the top right part of the sky. it's so artistic, to leave that in the final image. but...if you have lens spots, or sensor spots on your digital image, and you leave those,'re a lazy bastard.

i think for this test example, i like the digital better.
i'll try another one, and see what i think.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

here's a shot of a popular mural

this is near/in eastern market

like a smart man
i shot this with a digital camera.
a nice one.

here's a film shot

like a stupid man
i shot this on a very old film camera
and i fucked up loading the film...
so what we see is:
an image of a field in eastern market
and then a sort of half exposed image of the above mural...

this is all that was on the roll.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

i was alone when i shot this

only the sounds of a few dogs
only the silence
of a few thoughts

i am alive
if the fire still burns inside of me.

but i have to feed the fire

or the world
this day
the people,
driving in their cars
will suffocate me.

they will extinguish the fire
if i allow them to

i am alive
as long as the fire inside

is still burning...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

my mother died from throat cancer

it was the chemo that killed her
her death certificate says that COPD,
is what killed her...

she was supposed to do 12 chemotherapy treatments
and a bunch of radiation

she had to wear some kind of plastic, or resin, or maybe it was polymer
face mask
the mask helped administer the radiation,
into her body...

she said many times
that when she was done
she was going to smash that fucking mask.

my mother died from throat cancer
she never made it to her 12th chemotherapy appointment
she died, shortly after the 11th...

i have a bunch of her things
in boxes

i was cleaning the garage
and i found a box
her radiation mask was inside
along with some other things

i took out the mask and
i smashed it
stepped on it
stomped it,
i did it for her
but it didn't break very well
some pieces broke off
but some of it-
just kind of took on another shape
parts of the mask folder over,
under my foot
onto itself

i kept smashing it for
a little while longer
and then i was done.

i cleaned up the pieces;
what was left of the mask
i threw it all away, in a home depot contractor grade garbage bag
and i didn't feel any better
or worse
nothing changed
nothing happened

i closed the garage door

my mother was dead from COPD,
i went inside

and i went to sleep...


Thursday, March 17, 2016

this area of the city

has the craziest tress:
i've never seen so many crazy trees.

this sycamore kind of pales in comparison,
i just thought it was an awesome shot, with the house
and the open fields...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

i can't keep my posts in any kind of order...

i've wanted to take a photo of the corner building/confrontation scene from the movie Gran Torino, for several years now.
we were driving down Charlevoix the other day, and...

here's a shot of me, standing under the clock, like half a fag

and here's a shot of the building, and the intersection...WoW!

here's a screen shot from the movie. (not to be confused with a current google maps street view)

this isn't super exciting,
but like i said,
i've been meaning to shoot this for years.
hard to believe it's not vandalized, or torn down...

we ran into a nice gentleman while we were in this neighborhood taking photos
he informed us that his mama's house is being taken
right out from under her...
he let us know that they want grosse pointe to keep going, and take over this part of detroit...

he also said that, whatever they put up
he's gonna take right down.

let's think about that for a sounds to me like this guy is talking about committing a crime?
a felony perhaps?

probably, he was just talking shit,
but you never know...?

i think he was with the local rotary club...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

this kid walked by this building

3 times while we were shooting this
it was freezing outside
he had on a t shirt
and a spring jacket


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

my childhood best friend died a few days a go.

growing up we were like brothers
we played together
we got in trouble together...

once we were young men,
maybe 18
we grew apart
he met a girl and
in a few years, he
got married
then 2 kids
a house
family vacations...

i went in another direction
a difficult path
one that could have been so easily avoided
but it made me who i am
so i don't regret
or wish to change it.

but back to my friend and i
as we became adults
we were distant
each year
the distance grew
but eventually my best friend
also followed the same path, that
i traveled
so many years earlier.
time, was not kind to him
the lessons were hard
the pain was great
and eventually,
it was too much for him...

he has left us
left this earth
my child hood best friend is dead.

i read something one time
it said that: a man has 2 deaths,
the 1st one being his physical death
the 2nd and final death,
is the last time his name is
ever mentioned on this earth.

so good night and good bye for now
my childhood best friend
i will say your name tomorrow,
and the next...

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

this area of detroit

is a gold mine of awesome photographs...

i can't help but think of screwface
when i look at this mural.