Wednesday, March 16, 2016

i can't keep my posts in any kind of order...

i've wanted to take a photo of the corner building/confrontation scene from the movie Gran Torino, for several years now.
we were driving down Charlevoix the other day, and...

here's a shot of me, standing under the clock, like half a fag

and here's a shot of the building, and the intersection...WoW!

here's a screen shot from the movie. (not to be confused with a current google maps street view)

this isn't super exciting,
but like i said,
i've been meaning to shoot this for years.
hard to believe it's not vandalized, or torn down...

we ran into a nice gentleman while we were in this neighborhood taking photos
he informed us that his mama's house is being taken
right out from under her...
he let us know that they want grosse pointe to keep going, and take over this part of detroit...

he also said that, whatever they put up
he's gonna take right down.

let's think about that for a sounds to me like this guy is talking about committing a crime?
a felony perhaps?

probably, he was just talking shit,
but you never know...?

i think he was with the local rotary club...

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