Wednesday, March 9, 2016

my childhood best friend died a few days a go.

growing up we were like brothers
we played together
we got in trouble together...

once we were young men,
maybe 18
we grew apart
he met a girl and
in a few years, he
got married
then 2 kids
a house
family vacations...

i went in another direction
a difficult path
one that could have been so easily avoided
but it made me who i am
so i don't regret
or wish to change it.

but back to my friend and i
as we became adults
we were distant
each year
the distance grew
but eventually my best friend
also followed the same path, that
i traveled
so many years earlier.
time, was not kind to him
the lessons were hard
the pain was great
and eventually,
it was too much for him...

he has left us
left this earth
my child hood best friend is dead.

i read something one time
it said that: a man has 2 deaths,
the 1st one being his physical death
the 2nd and final death,
is the last time his name is
ever mentioned on this earth.

so good night and good bye for now
my childhood best friend
i will say your name tomorrow,
and the next...

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the walking man said...

Well said Justin. It is pretty horrible after having beat back our own demons with great struggle to watch them we care about, lose the same fight. I hope your friend rests well in the house of his ancestors and that his name is not forgotten for at least ten generations.