Tuesday, April 12, 2016

civic theater, detroit

1st shot is a digital image from a SLR, edited to look like film...

2nd shot is a digital image from a SLR, with a cheap Holga lens...looks pretty cool!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

i used to work at a small newspaper, in the factory.

there was a giant machine
about 20 people stood around the circular machine
feeding advertisements
and coupons
into the hoppers...
the machine was cleverly referred to as;
the hopper.

the hopper would go around and around,
when there was a paper jam
a malfunction
or when someone's station ran out of material to feed into the machine-
the machine would stop,
an alarm would sound-
a man,
a man with a blue uniform, would show up
a man with a blue uniform that had a name tag on it,
usually dave
or bill
or rex...

dave or bill or rex
would clear the jamb,
or fix the machine,
or simply just turn off the buzzer/alarm
while one of us non uniformed people would load more papers
into the machine,
the hopper...

this went on for 8 hours a day
every day
and it was terrible.

there were other stations
and other non uniformed men and women
they stood at these other stations,
these other machines
and performed tasks-
until other alarms would sound...

and then dave
or bill
or rex
would come and attend to the alarm...

there was a bundler
a stacker
a sorter
a shrink wrapper-
each machine
was uniquely horrible.

the newspapers would travel around the hopper
make their way to the sorter
the stacker
the bundler.
some would detour to the shrink wrapper
then off to the loading dock area
all the while, on conveyors
making their way to a another man
in a different colored uniform...

usually pete
or john
or rick.
these men with their different colored uniforms
were truck drivers-
and one of the non uniformed people would load the stacked,
or bundled
or shrink wrapped papers
into the back of the truck
and pete
or john
or rick
would close the door
and drive off,
only to be seen again- right before it was time to punch out...

one particular day
my boss grabbed me
and took me into another area of the factory
different machines
different uniforms with different names,
and of course
there were different non uniformed people-
different alarms,
and bells,

he showed me around, explained some things
we had a smoke
and then he walked me back to my station at
the hopper.
it was a nice, but all too short break from the mundane.
i hated standing there;
loading papers
listening to buzzers go off
waiting for rex to come
and clear the paper jam...

i wasn't sure how i was going to do this for the rest of the day
or the week
the month,
let alone do it for the rest of my life...

this day,
the day that my boss showed me around;
it was only my 2nd day
and a small piece of me was already dead inside...

i realized that; each day
each buzzer
each moment that went by
another piece of me
would die a little more
until there was nothing left
except a skeleton,
without a name tag
waiting for a blue uniform of my own, that would likely never come...

i worked there for about 30 days
and then one day i just didn't show up-
that was 23 years a go...
i never called
or went back to get my check
no more buzzers
or alarms-
no blue uniformed men.
they could keep my last check
they could have it all

it was a small price to pay
for my freedom
and it had to be paid,

at any,
and all costs...

Monday, April 4, 2016

i forgot that i was supposed to be blogging again.

i am still here
still alone
surrounded by many.
there are voices
and grandeur,
i am still here
surrounded by no one.

i can still hear the voices
of so many...
in my ears.

i can still hear the voices
of so many
there are, so many

i am still here
still alone,
among gods,

there are so many

i can still hear the laughter
of one hundred old friends.


i can still hear the laughter,
of all the strangers
that used to be friends,

there are so many

i forgot that i was supposed to be blogging again;

because life got in the way
because my shoulder got in the way
because, there's an emptiness
that sits in my gut,

and it got in the way

i forgot that i was supposed to be blogging again;

because i had to pay the light bill
because i had to make another deal, with
the god that i understand.
in this life,

that only i comprehend

i forgot that i was supposed to be blogging again
but then i remembered,
so i sat down in this familiar chair

and i tried to put my thoughts into words
and i failed

i forgot that i was supposed to be blogging

but i tried
so it's ok
and i'm done...